Chohan claims receiving threatening call from un-known number


PTI MPA in Punjab Assembly Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan on Saturday claimed to have received calls from the unknown number, threatening him to leave the party or face dire consequences. In a video mes-sage, Fayyaz Chohan said that he received a call from a no-caller id and the caller threatened him to leave PTI in two days or face severe consequences.

He blamed the PML-N leadership including Maryam Nawaz for orchestrating such plans but said that such designs would not suppress the courage of the PTI activists, who are working for the success of their candidates in by-polls in 20 constituencies. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) central leader Asad Umar said Friday that people including women having no political background are receiving threats from untraceable phone calls from ‘unknown number’.

Asad Umar made the statement while talking to a private Tv news channel.

He said that women who have no political background are among those people who received threats from untraceable phone numbers.

The PTI central leader was unaware of the mystery of ‘unblock phone’. When questioned about it, Umar said that he will ask Imran Khan about the story behind ‘unblock phone’.

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