Chitral man arrested for tying up wild fox with ropes


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department has arrested a man after a video of him tying up a wild fox and forcefully feeding it meat in Chitral went viral on social media.

The clip, shows the man, who is somewhere in a forest. There’s snow and a fox’s neck has been tied by a rope. The fox cringes, tilts her head repeatedly in an attempt to free herself. The man, however, laughs out loud and tries to feed her a slab of meat.

Immediately after the video started doing rounds on social media, the KP wildlife police tracked the man in the video and arrested him. According to the officer, the men planned to take the fox home with them.

“It is illegal to capture, touch and irritate animals in the wild. The suspect will be punished for it,” he said. The man in the video has, on the other hand, said that he just wanted to feed the fox. “My only fault was that I tied it up. After feeding it meat, we let the fox go,” he added.—INP


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