China’s warning to US



IN the face of an unending propaganda campaign against China, Beijing has urged Washington to change its dangerous policy and stop ‘demonizing’ China.

A statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday regretted that Washington views China as an ‘imagined enemy’ adding that Chinese people view the United States’ ‘adversarial rhetoric as a thinly veiled attempt to contain and suppress China’.

China’s concerns are understandable as the country firmly believes in sovereign equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

This is in sharp contrast to the policy of ‘regime change’ and even aggression against smaller countries in fulfilment of regional and global agenda.

China has the world’s largest population and its leadership is single-mindedly focusing on improving the lot of its people and taking the country to new heights of progress and development.

However, attempts are being made to ‘contain’ China, which are aimed at nothing but scuttling its march forward on the road to progress and prosperity.

The US is pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to advance its agenda of ‘demonizing’ and ‘isolating’ China including human rights issues, trade war, intellectual property rights, South China Sea, Hong Kong and Xinjiang autonomous region.

It is an irony that the countries, which imposed wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, killing thousands of innocent people and keeping human beings in shameless conditions at torture houses like Guantanamo Bay have the audacity of speaking for ‘rights of people in Xinjiang and Hong Kong’ forgetting that these are pure internal affairs of China and people of these regions enjoy full rights like Chinese in other parts of the mainland.

As the United States is finding it difficult to compete with China in a fair manner, it is using all tactics at its disposal to win support for its anti-China moves.

On the one hand, it is aiding and arming India to the teeth to prepare it as a regional counter-weight to China and on the other hand it is luring other countries to become part of a malicious campaign in the name of a united front of democratic allies against Beijing.

However, all these tactics are bound to backfire as China is enlisting support of the countries through building bridges and cooperative ventures.


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