China’s leading role at UN


SPEAKING at a virtual reception in New York, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, praised China’s leading role at the UN, saying its policies are based on the principles of the UN Charter, support for multilateralism and win-win cooperation.
We also echo and endorse the very words made by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative. Being one of the founding members of the world body and the one who was accorded the honour to first sign the UN Charter in recognition of its longstanding fight against aggression, China over the years has indeed played a very positive role at the United Nations. Unlike the other major power, the US, which has been seen breaching the UN Charter whilst attacking and invading countries such as Iraq, Beijing on the other hand has always acted in a very responsible and matured manner. It has never chosen the course of aggression against any other country but consistently and persistently adhered to the purposes and principles of the Charter and has unfailingly supported efforts to defend the authority and functions of the United Nations. The country has actively participated in the UN peacekeeping missions and supported the organization’s central role in international and multilateral affairs. The very visionary initiative of Belt and Road of President Xi Jinping aimed at building a community of shared future for humankind is also a continuation and sublimation of the purposes of the UN Charter. The very conduct of China is something that other major powers should also follow. Given the complex challenges to international peace and security, it is important that the UN and especially the Security Council perform its functions in a fair and just manner, stick to political settlements as a preferred method and enhance unity to promote consensus and coordination. And this can be done only through democratic and fair reforms in the world body. India which has never shown any respect to the UN Security Council resolutions and has a poor human rights record must not be allowed to become its permanent member. There should not be any expansion in the permanent seats of the UNSC rather the reforms must be such which ensures equitable representation of the UN member states in the Security Council. Given the bonds between Pakistan and China, we are confident that both the countries will continue to work in close collaboration to ensure fair reforms in the world body for the greater good of the humanity.