China’s consistent position


ON the third anniversary of India’s unilateral and illegal actions in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir in violation of UN resolutions, Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Embassy Hua Chunying during his regular press briefing on Friday called for the resolution of longstanding dispute peacefully through dialogue and consultations for regional peace and stability.

Whilst always expressing firm support to Pakistan in safeguarding its territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, China’s position vis-à-vis Kashmir dispute has remained very consistent.

It has supported peaceful resolution of the dispute whilst rejecting any unilateral actions that change the status quo or escalate the tensions.

China is only amongst the few voices in the world which has openly supported the oppressed Kashmiri people.

It is also for other major capitals to stand with the oppressed rather than the oppressor which has broken all records of brutalities in the occupied territory and is now bent upon changing its demographic composition to turn Muslim majority into minority by settling the Hindus from India in the disputed territory.

This indeed is in total violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and other international conventions.

The world community, especially those having close links with New Delhi, will have to shun political and economic expediency and use their influence to get human rights violations stopped in occupied Kashmir.

Time has come to heal the wounds of Kashmiri people and fulfil the promises made to them over seven decades ago.

Failure on Kashmir in fact also raises many questions on the human rights mantra that the western countries always speak of.

There should not be double standards on protection of human rights. As regards dialogue on Kashmir, Pakistan has always kept its doors open.

However, ever since the 5th of August’s controversial and subsequent provocative steps, onus lies with India to create an enabling environment for it.

History is testimony to the fact that the struggle waged for freedom can never be suppressed through use for force.

India has also been trying relentless force against innocent and armless Kashmiris but this has not shaken their resolve.

It will be better for India to see the writing on the wall and sit with Pakistan and genuine Kashmiri leadership for the resolution of the dispute.

This will also open new vistas of cooperation not only between Pakistan and India but the whole region.


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