China, Pakistan step up exchanges in art and culture


China, Pakistan have stepped up exchanges in the fields of art and culture.
“We are discussing with Chinese guest professors about long-term research on various aspects of Chinese and Pakistani arts and crafts. The safeguarding of the rock carvings and ancient inscriptions in our northern areas is also possible under such collaboration”, Prof. Dr. Zarawar Khan, Department of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Swat said while attending the China-Pakistan Contemporary Arts Exchange Exhibition, CEN reported on Friday.

The exhibition is taking place at the University of Education, Lahore from May 3-5 and in tandem at the Lahore Museum from May 3-7.

More than 100 pieces of works by Pakistani and Chinese artists, including Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, sculpture and other forms of art, are on display.

“The art exhibition is one of its kind ever held at the University of Education in Lahore in collaboration with the Chinese art historians, students and delegates.