China important source of investment in Pakistan: PM

Observer Report

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan presided over a forum on investment promotion for Chinese entre-preneurs in Pakistan, which was attended by repre-sentatives of eight Chinese private enterprises.

Imran Khan said that China is an important source of investment in Pakistan, and sorting out and solving the difficulties encountered by Chinese enterprises is of great significance for Pakistan to realise industrialisation and promote the transfer of more Chinese industries to Pakistan.

“The relocation of Chinese SMEs to Pakistan will bring Pakistan more advanced technology, higher quality products, stronger brand potential, and a broader international market.

Pakistan’s econ-omy will definitely stay increasingly prosperous with the help of Chinese SMEs,” Rehmatullah Javed, Chairman, Grand Group of Companies told Gwadar Pro in a recent interview.Javed has seasoned experience in the establish-ment and promotion of SMEs.

According to him, the problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in Pakistan are mainly financing difficul-ties, lack of technological development and brand-ing awareness.

“The reasons for these problems are that we do not have venture capital funds, and commercial banks require guarantees when issuing loans.

With the help of the Chinese financing, we can introduce the Chinese financing module to Pakistani SMEs and those who qualify can always get financing.

Technical support, skill development and capacity building programs are beneficial for the promotion of SMEs” Mr Javed highlighted.

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