China has cast vote of confidence in future of Pakistan: Mushahid

Staff Reporter

China has cast vote of confidence in future of Pakistan said senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed in an interview to China Economic Net (CEN) on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Sino-Pak diplomatic ties.

He recalled that President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Pakistan in April 2015, he presented the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence Friendship Award to Pakistani friendly personages, and he was one of them. Unlike the other laureates.

Hussain had his first contact with a Chinese leader when he presented a wreath to the then Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, Liu Shaoqi as a youth representative when Chairman Liu visited Pakistan in 1966.

Hussain recalled that as soon as Chairman Liu’s car arrived on the street, it was surrounded by people waiting on both sides.

The cheers and applause were deafening. “I had never seen such a scene. This experience aroused my interest in China, which has continued to this day.”

Since his first visit to China in 1970, Hussain has made more than 90 trips to China and has dedicated to the cause of China-Pakistan friendship under different roles.

Hussain told the reporter, “Pakistan recognized the People’s Republic of China in January 1950, as the first country to do so. The two countries formally established diplomatic relations the following year.

In 1956, Premier Zhou Enlai visited Pakistan for the first time, which marked the beginning of high-level visits between China and Pakistan.”

Premier Zhou visited Pakistan four times. During his second visit in 1964, he planted the first Friendship Tree. Since then, almost every Chinese leader has planted a Friendship Tree while visiting Pakistan.

Over the past 70 years, thanks to the care of the leaders of both countries, these Friendship Trees have grown into towering trees that are both luxuriant and resilient.
“We have welcomed many Chinese leaders since then.

With the close high-level exchanges between the two countries, we have also witnessed the China-Pakistan relations constantly advancing to new levels. President Xi’s historic visit in 2015 brought China-Pakistan relations to a climax,” Hussain said.

Pakistan is now China’s only “all-weather strategic cooperative partner”.
“What does ‘all-weather’ mean? It means that irrespective of changes in the region, in the world, in China or in Pakistan, the rock-solid China-Pakistan friendship will not be affected at any cost.”

Hussain said, “Although political parties in Pakistan have varied views and positions, showing friendship for China is a consensus of all parties. The China-Pakistan friendship has long transcended internal disputes.”

“All-weather” and “iron brothers” are more than just slogans. Hussain said that in 2015, no country was willing to invest in Pakistan, except China. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

During President Xi’s visit, China and Pakistan signed 51 cooperation agreements and memorandums, more than 30 of which are related to CPEC. This is a vote of confidence by China in the Pakistani people and the future of Pakistan.

Hussain believes that China is a major force for maintaining world stability. With the deepening of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has become a source of prosperity for many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, including Pakistan. China has also become a source of stable global order.

He hopes that China’s concept of peaceful development will have an in-depth influence on the world.

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