China declares all people aboard crashed Boeing 737 dead


All 132 people on board the crashed Chinese Boeing 737 jetliner have been declared dead, state Chinese television announced on Saturday.

Domestic Flight MU5735 of China Eastern Air-lines was on its way from Kunming to Guangzhou on Monday when it nosedived and slammed into a hillside, catching fire.

Forensic experts identified 120 crash victims, according to the channel. There were 123 passengers and nine crew members on board. No possible cause of the air disaster was named.

To date, no explosive components have been found in the samples collected at the crash site of the Boeing 737 plane in China, Zheng Xi, the head of the fire brigade of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said on Saturday.

“Physico-Chemical Laboratory received a total of 66 samples, 41 samples of them have already been analyzed, and components of ordinary inorganic explosive substances, as well as components of ordinary organic explosive substances, have not been found,” Zheng said at a press conference.

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 with 132 people on board crashed in southern China on Monday.

No survivors had been found so far. The reasons for the crash of the plane, which had been in use since 2015, are still unknown. On Wednesday, a flight recorder was found at the crash site and then sent to Beijing.

The crash is the largest air disaster in China in over 11 years. The last major air accident in China was the crash of Henan Airlines flight VD8387 from the city of Harbin to Yichun, Heilongjiang province in August 2010. Forty-two of the 96 people on board died.—APP


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