China closely follows escalating tension between Palestine and Israel in Jerusalem


Beijing: China said that it had been closely following the escalating tension between Palestine and Israel in Jerusalem and were seriously concerned about it.

In a regular press briefing on Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, underscored the severity of the situation that had been escalating in Jerusalem and hoped that the parties would act in accordance with the UN resolution.

When asked about China’s stance on the raging conflict in Jerusalem, Wang Wenbin said, “China has been following closely with concern the escalating tension between Palestine and Israel in Jerusalem.”

“The issue of Jerusalem’s status and ownership is complicated and sensitive. It is hoped that the parties concerned will act in accordance with relevant UN resolutions, maintain and respect the historical status quo of the holy sites in Jerusalem, stay calm and exercise restraint, and prevent the situation from deteriorating or even getting out of control,” the spokesperson continued.

Wang Wenbin called on the international community to deal with the Palestinian problem “squarely” and facilitate the early resumption of peace talks between Palestine and Israel to realize peaceful coexistence.

“China will continue to play a constructive role in this effort,” Wang Wenbin said, clarifying China’s stance on the conflict.

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