Children bearing brunt of Indian brutalities in IIOJK



The children of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir are bearing the brunt of Indian brutalities as occupying troops continue to commit gross human rights violations against them including killings, arbitrary detentions and abductions in the territory.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said over 900 Kashmiri children have been martyred by Indian troops during the last 33 years in IIOJK and hundreds have lost their eyesight due to firing of pellets by Indian troops. Thousands of children have lost their parents since 1990 in IIOJK, it added.

The report said scores of Kashmiri children have passed their childhood in Indian detention cells for the last over three decades and 107,896 children were orphaned from January 1989 to 31st January 2023.

It deplored that Kashmiri children were being targeted during violent cordon and search operations (CASOs) in IIOJK, adding the children are traumatized for life by watching their loved ones getting killed in front of their eyes in the occupied territory.

The report lamented that Indian troops had been targeting children in the occupied territory to create a sense of fear among the Kashmiris and said that the international media has also reported use of torture, including beatings and electric shocks, against the Kashmiri boys in IIOJK.

It said that India’s non-compliance with convention on children rights is a question mark on world conscience. The report urged that global community to not forget the plight of the Kashmir children and come forward to protect them from Indian aggression.—INP