Children among 33 injured in aerial firing


At least 33 people, including women and children, were injured in the aerial firing on New Year’s evening in different areas of Karachi.Karachi reverberated with celebratory gunfire Sunday night despite a restriction on aerial firing.

Authorities had warned violators would be booked under murder charges.Most of the injuries from aerial firing were reported from Saddar, Garden, Osmanabad Panjwani Plaza, Lighthouse, Raja Mansion, Hussainabad, Board Office in Nazaimabad (where a minor child got injured), Nazimabad Bridge, Liaquatabad No. 4, Five Star Chowrangi, and Kharadar.

An official said the police led a crackdown against miscreants who were involved in aerial firing, and during their operations, they arrested more than 15 suspects in the city, including two police personnel and four security guards.

Apart from this, at least two people were also lost their lives in road racing accidents.