PPP will sweep local bodies election, Waqar Megdi claims


General Secretary of Pakistan People’s Party Sindh Senator Waqar Mehdi has said that in the local body elections held on January 15, the people rejected the opportunists, the self-interested, those who played Holi with the blood of innocent youth and nominated the Chairman Vice Chairman of the People’s Party. And they will bury the spear politicians forever by defeating the candidates of the councilors by the strength of their vote slips.

He said that the People’s Party has done record development works in the city of Karachi in the last 14 years and the people of Karachi have now recognized themselves and the people of Karachi and the people of Karachi have not lost their vote in the municipal elections to be held on January 15 like in 2015. They will do it and they will succeed the representatives of the People’s Party by just stamping the sign of the arrow because the city of Karachi has been served only by the provincial government of the People’s Party.

He said that on January 15, the People’s Party will win the city of Karachi with a majority and God willing, the mayor of Karachi will be a Jiyala. Because only Jayala Mayor can serve Karachi, because he will not cry for authority, because his intention, thought and concern will serve the people selflessly and without discrimination.