Chawla says Sindh releases wheat every year on Oct 15



Sindh Food Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla on Saturday said that the government of Sindh releases wheat on October 15 each year.

Commenting over the federal government’s demand for immediate release of wheat to bring down the price of the commodity, he held the federal government responsible for the wheat flour crisis.

“Wheat flour being sold at inflated prices in Punjab despite subsidies being given,” Chawla said. “Who has benefited from the import of wheat at an inflated rate,” he questioned.

“There is no wheat flour crisis in Sindh, the government has decided to release the commodity from Oct. 15,” he reiterated.

The release of wheat will bring considerable decrease in the flour price, provincial food minister said.Earlier, the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination was directed by the federal authorities to push the Sindh government for an immediate release of wheat to bring down its price across the province.

The provincial cabinet on Tuesday decided to release wheat to flour mills at a rate of Rs1,950 per 40 kg, the same price fixed in Punjab.

Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, who presided over the cabinet meeting, said the prices of wheat flour would be stabilized with the fixation of a uniform rate in the country.


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