Chattisinghpora massacre staged by Indian agencies with help of RSS killers: Sikh leaders


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Sikh leaders, retired Indian army officers and lawyers have said that Indian agencies through killers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh massacred 35 innocent Sikhs on the intervening night of March 20-21, 2000 in Chittisinghpora area of Islamabad district.

Chittisinghproa massacre and other such massacres were perpetrated by Indian agencies to defame the Kashmir’s freedom movement as it was carried out on the occasion of the visit of the-then US President, Bill Clinton, to India.

On the 22nd anniversary of the tragedy, the lone survivor, Nanak Singh, said the killers were calling each other with Hindu names and they were shouting ‘Jai Hind’ while they were spraying bullets on innocent Sikh community members.

It is worth mentioning here that Indian Army’s retired Lt. Gen. KS Gill in a media interview had admitted that the Indian Army was involved in the killing. The Chittisinghpora massacre further led to the killing of five labourers in Pathribal fake encounter and 8 peaceful protesters in Barakpora area of Islamabad district in the next few days.

The Sikh leaders in IIOJK demanded a fresh probe into the Chattisingpora massacre. Senior Sikh leaders at a meeting held in Jammu, today, under the chairmanship of S. Narinder Singh Khalsa remembered the innocent Sikhs and Muslims killed by Indian forces in Chattisingpora, Pathribal and Barakpora. Rights activis tAngad Singh Khalsa demanded probe into Chattisinghpora massacre by an international body.

Thirty-five members of Sikh community were killed in disguise by Indian troops in Chattisinghpora area of Islamabad district on the intervening night of March 20 and 21 in 2000 on the eve of the then US President, Bill Clinton’s visit to India, said a report released by Kashmir Media Service, today.—KMS


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