ChatGPT latest glitch leaked user’s conversations, payment details


ChatGPT grabbed a lot of attention of late, with tech heads trying new and cool stuff with the data driven AI chatbot and in the latest trend, global tech giants are looking at its potential effect on the future of business.

The AI bot is a pre-trained language model that used existing information to produce more data but with super speed, which helps it to get worldwide popularity. Its capability to communicate in a human-like way raked accolades, prompting users to try different tasks with the AI tool.

Despite having mind-boggling features, the other side of the bot raised eyebrows as a recent bug on the platform breached users’ privacy as users saw personal details and conversations of other AI users.

A large number of users took to social media to reveal that they accessed other people’s conversations in their history. Emails, credit card numbers and expiration dates were also leaked online.

The shocking and alarming glitch prompted a strong reaction from OpenAI who turned off ChatGPT to look into the matter. A report was also shared by AI, revealing that a bug in the Redis client open-source library caused the service to share other users’ data.

The exposed information includes a subscriber’s name, email address, payment address, and the last four digits of their credit card number and expiration date.

Amid the alarming situation, the company started approaching all users who had their payment information exposed.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in a tweet said the company encountered a glitch due to a bug in an open-source library, for which a fix has now been released and we have just finished validating. a small percentage of users were able to see the titles of other users’ conversation history… We feel awful about this.”

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