Changing Kashmir status dangerous for regional peace: Sherry


Staff Reporter


PPP strongly protested the Modi government’s move to abrogate key articles from the Indian Constitution, ‘While the Indian state has put the Kashmiris under curfew and house arrest along with a communication blackout that has muzzled telephones, internet and cable TV, the BJP government of Narendra Modi has taken a unilateral decision in New Delhi to change the status of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the fate of Kashmiri people.
Kashmiri leaders of all persuasions have rejected India’s unilateral decision. Pakistan too will resist any attempt to oppress the Kashmiri people and impose any form of government that is against the wishes of the people of Kashmir,’ stated PPP’s Parliamentary Leader in Senate, Sherry Rehman. ‘Kashmir leadership in the valley has been alerting the world to danger,’ said Senator Sherry Rehman referring to the statements made by multiple political party leaders from Indian Occupied Kashmir. She also said that it was embarrassing that Pakistan’s own Prime Minister believes that Modi’s government is the only solution to the conflict of Kashmir.
‘The use of cluster ammunition by India along the Line of Control is only targeting innocent civilians. This is a violation of international humanitarian conventions. Where is the UN? They need to reprimand Delhi on these gross human rights violations – they need to act, now!’ remarked the vice-president of the PPP. ‘The so-called world’s biggest democracy has not only belittled but also mocked the 70-year struggle of Kashmiris. The deployment of 100,000 additional troops over the last one week and the house arrest of Kashmiris betrays the oppressive and occupational nature of the Indian state.
The Indian government’s consistent use of fake news and leaks to blame Pakistan for the evacuation of Indians from Kashmir also proves that the BJP government continues to peddle fake narrative of terrorism threats to support its crackdown against Kashmiris. Pakistan will not let the Indian state deprive Kashmiris of their right to self-determination and will strongly register their protest at every international forum available,’ Senator Sherry Rehman further added.
‘The abrogation of Article 370 through presidential order and without the consent of Kashmiris is unconstitutional by both international norms and under India’s own constitution. This decision ignores the will and wishes of the people of Kashmir. It also contravenes UN resolutions which recognize Kashmir as a disputed territory,’ maintained the former Pakistan ambassador to the United States.
Rehman said ‘By abolishing Article 35-A and 370, which confer the special status on Jammu and Kashmir, India intends to alter the region’s entire demographic. The Kashmiri leadership is all under house arrest and being silenced by the so-called ‘world’s biggest democracy’. India should know that all Pakistanis are standing in support of the Kashmiris – we will not leave them alone in this hour of need’.
‘India is using a military route for a crisis that can only be solved politically. The fact that India has had to repeatedly deploy thousands of paramilitary forces in the region is proof that the Kashmiri people are refusing the state’s decision. The Indian state’s use of cluster munitions, pellet guns and all forms of violence was not enough to crush the freedom movement.

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