Ch Nisar oath-taking will be contempt of court: SACM


Says IRSA should ensure judicious distribution of water to provinces

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that Pakistan’s Anti-Corona efforts have been globally acknowledged as it protected the lives of the people and also ensured continuity of economic empowerment.

She said this while talking to the media after the inauguration ceremony of a private laboratory here on Tuesday. Dr Firdous said that TTI lab has started certification of anti-corona kits as protection of health workers is important.

She negated the impression that nothing was being done by the government. In fact, public welfare is the essence of PM’s political philosophy.

The economy has started moving towards the right direction and the government will now work to overcome the price hike, she said.

The Special Assistant said the governments’ decisions are helping to improve the economy.

The people should not forget that PTI inherited a sagging economy and Imran Khan deserves credit for improving the economic conditions of the country when every public sector was ruined by the previous government.

She said Shehbaz Sharif cannot restore the PDM as Mariyum Safdar has resulted in its downfall. Those claiming after recovering looted money from PPP and Zardari are eating a humble pie now.

Dr Firdous said that Ch Nisar is facing five writ petitions and it is contempt of court to take oath of the MPA ship. Ch Nisar insulted the public mandate for three years and the government will create no hurdle after the court verdict.

She said that PM Imran Khan will visit Layyah tomorrow and two health projects will be inaugurated. The PM will inaugurate ‘Sehat Insaaf Card’ and ‘Mother & Child Hospital’.

The SACM said the former government invested in concrete but PTI is investing in human resource development and institution making.

She termed Uzma Bukhari a political orphan having no political worth, adding that she is making hue and cry to remain alive in the political arena. It is deplorable that such characters remain engaged in improper political behaviours to please their political masters.

She condemned a viral video about her from a PML-N crony from Spain and made it clear that she is not a coward. Mariyam Safdar should educate her followers to learn to respect womenfolk because it is a deep-rooted tradition of Pakistani societies.

Later, talking to the media at DGPR along with Provincial Minister for Irrigation Mohsin Leghari and Provincial Minister for Agriculture Hasnain Bahadar Dareshk, the Special Assistant said that Punjab has always played a benevolent role to accommodate Sindh and other provinces while sacrificing its water share.

Pakistan is facing a water shortage due to less melting of glaciers. Mangla dam is facing a 77 percent water shortage and it was needed to increase the water stock in it but IRSA has played havoc with Punjab by releasing water to accommodate Sindh in violation of water accord.

This will help damage Punjab farmers and IRSA should ensure judicious distribution of water among the provinces.

Dr Firdous said that Sindh is playing like a spoiled child to usurp upon Punjab’s water share. It is imperative that water should be distributed according to the principles laid in the water accord which was accepted by all the provinces.

The SACM advised the opposition to avoid making it a political issue and IRSA is the best platform to resolve such differences.

PM is trying to revolutionize the agriculture sector through the latest technology. She advised the Sindh government to take stern action against water thieves in the province.


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