Centre’s irrational policies reason for gas shortage: Wahab


Staff Reporter

Spokesperson for Sindh Government Barrister Murtaza Wahab has sharply criticized the federal government over the severe gas shortage across the country, especially in Sindh, saying that the worst policies of the PTI government have led to severe gas shortage in the country.
A conflict of interest government has failed miserably on all fronts. He said that people were being punished for the failed policies of the failed government. Sindh, the largest gas producer, had been deprived of gas and the citizens are suffering due to gas shortage while the rulers are enjoying the dream rabbit.
He said that the elected rulers who are singing the tune of “All is well” should also pay some attention to the problems of the people. On the one hand, the Niazi government is busy crushing the opposition and on the other hand, it is infuriating the people by creating shortage of necessities of life.
He further said that the rulers should know that these same people would soon snatch power from them.