Celebration held on Haleem’s house on cultural day


A celebration was held at Sindh Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh’s house on the occasion of Sindh Cultural Day. The workers celebrated Culture Day by dancing. Opposition leader Sindh Haleem Adil Sheikh came and presented gifts to all the guests.

While talking to the media, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that today we congratulate the Sindhi people living all over the world, the culture of Sindh is five thousand years old culture. Alhamdulillah our ancient culture of Sindh is still alive today.

Telling about Imran Khan Sindh visit he said that Yes, Imran Khan will be among the people of Sindh in January. I am proud to be a Pakistani Sindhi. I am proud of my culture.

The colors of the Sindh flag are the colors of love, peace, love, tolerance, and brotherhood.