CEC chairman: ‘Precinct Election Commissions bear great responsibility for holding parliamentary elections at a high level’


“The Precinct Election Commissions bear great responsibility for organization and holding the elections to Milli Majlis at a high level,” chairman of the Central Election Commission Mazahir Panahov says in the “Election Day Guide” booklet, secki-2020.az reports.
Mazahir Panahov noted that the Precinct Election Commissions should fulfill their duties professionally.
Panahov also emphasized the importance of protecting citizens’ electoral rights, clarifying voter lists, familiarizing voters with these lists, and the full readiness of polling stations for a voting day.
“You must fulfill such important tasks in accordance with the law as ensuring the free voting of voters, counting the votes and perfectly compiling of protocols on voting results and submitting them to Constituency Election Commissions without delay,” the CEC chairman added.
Elections to Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan will be held on February 9, 2020.
Political scientist:
“High election mood is noticed in the Azerbaijani society. The campaign and other processes are successfully implemented”, Jeyhun Ahmedli told secki-2020.az
He noted that activity is observed between both candidates and voters. “It is gratifying that so many young people nominate their candidacy. The staff reforms conducted by the head of state and his calls to support talented young people to move forward in public administration have led young people to actively participate in the electoral process”, Ahmedli emphasized.
Stressing young people as the most dynamic part of society, Ahmedli said that their active participation in the election process contributes to the dynamism of the electoral environment and creates a stimulating atmosphere.
“We are witnessing an exciting struggle. The general view shows that most candidates have prepared for competitive campaign.
All this reflects the transparency of the electoral institute and the democratic political environment in our country”, he stated.
350 local observers registered
“Preparation for the parliamentary elections continues at a high level at the Nasimi-Sabail constituency #23, which covers the center of Baku”, chairman of the constituency election commission Aghabala Guliyev told secki-2020.az
He said that the preparations for elections are carried out in accordance with the Calendar Plan approved by the Central Election Commission (CEC) and in line with the Election Code.
The chairman of the constituency election commission said: “Each of the 31 permanent polling stations in the constituency are provided with necessary equipment and manuals.
Web cameras are installed at 10 stations. 11 candidates have been registered. All conditions have been created for candidates to conduct their pre-election campaigns.
Candidates place their election posters on campaign boards. Appeals have also been made for meetings with voters.”
The chairman of the constituency election commission said that there are 34,959 voters in the Nasimi-Sabail constituency #23. Notifications have already been distributed to all voters.
A. Guliyev said that 350 local observers were registered to observe the voting process at the polling stations of the constituency.
OSCE ODIHR to monitor electoral process
“Two observers of the long-term observation mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) registered in the Sheki city election constituency #113”, chairman of the election constituency Rahman Gadirzade told secki-2020.az.
He stated that OSCE observers monitoring the election process in Sheki are Rigers Bena from Albania and Zaneta Vencourova from the Czech Republic.
R. Gadirzade said that the foreign observers closely monitor the pre-election process: “Along with foreign observers, 348 local observers were registered in Sheki city election constituency #113.”
Saying that the pre-election campaign was conducted in accordance with the legislation and equal conditions were created for all candidates, the chairman of the election constituency said: “8 candidates have been registered from our constituency.
All conditions have been created to allow candidates to conduct pre-election campaign in accordance with the Election Code.  Two venues (one closed and one open) have been allocated for candidates to meet with their voters. Boards have been installed at all polling stations.”
R. Gadirzade said that there were 29 polling stations in Sheki city election constituency 113: “One more polling station would be established within Sheki City Penitentiary Service 5 days prior to the election day.
Web cameras have been installed in 15 out of 29 polling stations in the constituency. All stations were provided with all necessary equipment.”
12 voters will for the first time exercise their right to vote in the Sheki city election constituency 113, where 37223 voters are registered.