CDA’s arrangement for monsoon season

City Reporter

The Capital Development Authority has cleansed and stone pitched banks of multiple natural water drainage channels (Nullahs) flowing throu-gh various parts of the city, under its ongoing drive meant to prevent the sewage and waste dumping on permanent basis.

The campaign, worked out some three months ago, has entered the second stage as nullahs passing through different sectors including F-6, F-7, G-5 and G-6 had been completely cleansed and stone pitched under its first phase, the CDA Member Finance Rana Shakeel told media.

Under the second phase, he said the cleansing and rehabilitation work was being carried out in more natural streams flowing through other sectors including F-8, F-11, F-10 and G-7.

He added that rest of the streams would be cleansed before the arrival of monsoon season as the CDA’s Machinery Pool Organization in collaboration with other wings was executing the drive on fast-track basis.

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