CDA to install digital water flow meters

Staff Reporter

CDA has decided to install digital flow meters on main pipelines. These will be installed on main pipelines, tube wells, and filtration plants. PC 1 of Rs 166.419 million has been approved in this regard.

The administration of CDA has decided to install digital flow meter for collecting the true data regarding the flow of water and to protect water theft and waste. These meters will be installed on main pipelines, tube wells, and water filtration plants.

These meters will help in controlling the incident of water theft side by side telling the true figures regarding the flow of water.

PC1 of the said project has been approved during the session of CDA DWP. This project will help CDA in better use of natural resources.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) administration has started constructing sit-outs in Islamabad’s major shopping malls, major markets, parks and open spaces.
It would to provide the best recreational opportunities to the cities.

In this regard, in the first phase, 90% of the F-6 Markaz sit-out has been completed, while only 10% of the finishing work is left.

The third sit-out is being constructed at F-10 Markaz. The three sit-outs will be completed next month and opened for the convenience of the people.

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