CDA restores water supply from Rawal Dam

Staff Reporter

The Capital Development Authority has re-claimed its share of two million gallons per day (MGD) of water from Rawal Dam after a long gap of 30 years.

The decision was taken recently by the Chairman CDA, who is also the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad, Amir Ali Ahmed and it was formally implemented last week, said a CDA official.

The Chairman Capital Development Authority said that the CDA had abstained from availing its share of water from Rawal Dam for three decades because in the past there was enough water available from Simly Dam, the deep sunk tube wells and from Khanpur dam.

CDA official said at present, the Capital Development Authority is supplying 60 MGD of water to the residents and utilities in the federal capital.

The largest share comes from the tubewells, which is 24.5 MGD. Another 24 MGD is being drawn from Simly water reservoir, 8.5 MGD is being procured from Khanpur Dam and the three Waterworks located in Shahdara, Nurpur and Saidpur contributed 2 MGD.

Now, there will be the addition of another 2 MGD from Rawal Dam, which will help the Authority provide some relief to the residents, especially in sectors G-7/4, I-8 and I-9 and to G-9.

He said that the water treatment plant in the ‘Park Area’ near the Sports Complex, which was dysfunctional for the last 30 years has been re-activated and is now fully operational.

He said that a new power generator has also been installed to ensure that any power disruption may not lead to wastage of water or suspension of water supply from this source.