CDA hands over five sites for establishing garbage-shifting stations to MCI


Staff Reporter

In order to optimize the logistical problems associated with moving of waste across large distances, the Capital Development Authority (CDA), after allocating, has handed over five (05) sites for establishing garbage shifting stations to Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI). The sites which have been handed over include two (01) sites at Islamabad Expressway, (01) in Sihala on Industrial Triangle Kahuta Road, one (01) in Lakhwal and one site in Tarlai area.
These sites have been handed over to MCI to establish waste transfer stations for the temporary deposition of waste.
At these transfer stations local waste collection vehicles will deposit their waste cargo prior to loading into larger vehicles. These larger vehicles will transport the waste to the end point for final disposal.
The garbage transfer stations at Islamabad Expressway will be used for intermediate waste transportation from Sohan, Pindorian, Khannakak, Burma, Karal and other adjoining areas while garbage collected from Industrial Triangle and other areas would be temporarily shifted to garbage transfer station in Sihala. Similarly, the garbage transfer stations to be established in Lakhwal and Tarlai will be used for intermediate transportation of the waste collected from the surrounding areas.
CDA will continue its effort to improve over all environment of the city and will collaborate with other departments in all such efforts. Furthermore, authority will continue its significant role in bringing down littering in the capital to zero level to provide the city a civilized look.

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