CDA chief urges authorities to make F-10 Service Road East signal free


Staff Reporter

The Chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Aamir Ali Ahmed has directed the authorities concerned to make F-10 Service Road East a signal free while utilizing all the men power, machinery, and resources of the authority here on Sunday.
He visited F-10 along with Director MPO, Director Environment and other officers. He inaugurated F-10 signal free project.
Speaking at the occasion, Chairman CDA said that available resources should be utilized. The said project will be completed by the utilization of the available resources, machinery, and men power with the help of the department of MPO.
Construction material for F-10 signal free project will be prepared by CDA’s own Asphalt plant which will cut down the expense of the project. CDA wants to complete this project as soon as possible, he added.
He said that this project will facilitate the citizens coming to F-10 markaz and F-9 Park.
This traffic plan will help in reducing the traffic pressure side by side reducing the intensity of traffic accidents in F-10.Trafic management plan will also be devised for Nazim-Uddin Road, and Serina Chowk to initiate signal free projects.