CBC withdraws garbage contract after 36 years


The Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) has decided to collect garbage from its jurisdiction on its own, after canceling a three-decade contract with M/s NJC Limited and M/s ASB Limited.

It decided it would not issue another tender for garbage collection. The work had been outsourced since 1984.

Each tender was for a two-year contract that would be awarded to contractors depending on their bid. CBC had awarded the same contractor the job for the last 36 years.

A CBC staffer not authorized to comment said that the contractor was not doing a good job. It was given time to improve but after waiting a year, CBC decided to manage on its own.

“The CBC teams are working in two shifts to lift garbage from DHA jurisdictions,” the staffer said. “The shifts are morning and evening.”

The cantonment’s job is to provide DHA Phases I to VIII municipal services, including stormwater cleaning, a water supply and garbage collection. It charges people a conservancy fee that is 4% of the total cost of a bungalow.

M/s NJC Limited’s Atif Butt told media that it was entirely up to the cantonment to make such decisions.

He confirmed that his company had been doing the work on two-year contracts worth Rs50 million.

“The CBC administration may have a better plan,” he said. He rejected the allegation that his company had not performed satisfactorily.

Since the contract was cancelled, the Creek Avenue Garbage Transfer Station is full. He said, “The cleanliness condition is going back to square one.”

The CBC website was down, so it was not possible to get information on the conservancy fee that it charges residents for the services it has to provide.


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