Captain vs Corona and conspiracies


Nighat Leghari

UNMINDED with the weather agents the Captain stands present while playing a match with an enemy team in the playground of his own country for the last two years consecutively. Hopefully he will show his sportsman skill and spirit. An invisible and feeble insect has brought a red revolution to the human community globally. It provided food for thought and change in the human behavior and angle of vision. The desperate attacks of conspiracies by the friends have very much surrounded the Prime Minister. It is always very difficult to differentiate between foes and friends because sometimes they both generate harm to one. Timeliness has always been very important in setting any opinion or concepts related to human beings and its affairs. When Imran Khan took over as Prime Minister, all Intelligentsia, political observers and even the commoners were of the opinion that the new Prime Minister is a good omen for the country, but now the people and even the lovers of the Captain have changed their opinion and implicated Khan Sabib for all the downruns in Pakistan. It is said that all types of epidemics on the globe overpowered the human community owing to its bad deeds and deviations from their faith commands. In reality, every nation had been indulged to do everything for their economic betterment and development and not to cherish ethics which is very important in human life. The Quran reads, “God seized them on account of their sins and there was none to save them from Almighty, surely God is a knowing wise”. (Al-Monim).
The Prime Minister Imran Khan always claims to bring Islamic Law to the country, but his first cherished goal has been to provide economic betterment to the people of Pakistan and not paid heed to establish any faith-based organization related to its components. If we memorized Imran Khan after taking over to power claimed that he has been inspired and motivated by the teachings of Holy Quran. He also said that he has been inspired by the Quaid-i-Azam determination and spiritual vision from Allama Iqbal. Once the Plato said ‘power gives raise all type of corruption and evils to prevent it immunize the individuals against this it should be familiarized with the internal truth and activities of the powerful should be monitored’. The slogan of “Clean and Green Pakistan” is widely hailed among the nation. If it would not be taken as ill I would like to say that needs and necessities of the life of down trodden people of Pakistan are more important than the greenery and cleanliness in Pakistan. The previous regime put all the focus on the “Cosmetic Surgery” of the country overlooking the basic amenities of the people.
Sleeking yellow buses and speedy orange trains could not deliver better glory of life or peace of mind to the people. I noticed many times while passing the roads, the poor people while standing on the bus stops preferred to get in to their familiar racherd noisy buses that to enter into the new colourful buses because of the high fares of the new transport. In this new transport policy our leaders have earned a lot of form the public exchequer in purchasing. It should have been spent on our health and education. Our leaders have put the whole of the country on the market table where every thing was for sale purchase and bidding. Parliament tickets were put on the “DEN” like stake money. The marketing of the jobs made “Mockery of the Merit” big projects were auctioned to the foreign investors, consequently the foreign workforce putting high wages tags on their foreheads took to seats and the local workforce was pushed to their vacant homes. I am not in a place to advise or admonish our new state managers related to foreign policy matters but I would dare to say that it stands failure.
If we open the facts file no leaders of the state made the foreign policy based on strength or honour specifically relations with USA. A US based newspaper “The New York Times” in its one of the articles “Pakistan has done a lot for Washington specifically after the 9/11 episode but USA has been very slow in fulfilling its promises.” A former US Finance Secretary Paul O Nell revealed very stark truths in his book ”Price of Loyalty” he reads that this is an unrejected reality that US is not a well-wisher of any Islamic country and Muslims. It always believes the motto “Marrage-de-Convenance” it is not indeed a friend in need because it did not extend any type of help to Pakistan while it was in wars with India.
—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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