Can science help smokers make a better choice?



While it is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is harmful, not everyone knows of the main culprit: burning tobacco. It produces a complex mixture of over 6,000 chemicals in the form of smoke, out of which 100 have been identified by science as harmful. However, with today’s innovative approach to finding less harmful alternatives, smokers can now choose to live a better life.

During the last many years, a diverse range of new and less harmful alternatives have emerged that allow adult smokers to continue indulging without the harmful effects of inhaling burning tobacco. Products like vapes, e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products have brought to the market a new class of breakthrough alternatives that achieve their purpose without burning anything.

According to research, more than nine out of ten smokers around the world choose to continue smoking. This can seriously affect not just the smokers, but also others around them and the environment. There is no better time than now to educate the nation’s smokers of the benefits of making better choices that are less harmful.