Cambodia urges people to be vigilant, alert over monkey-pox


Cambodia on Monday called on people to be vigilant and alert over the recent outbreak of the monkey-pox virus in some parts of the world, although no cases have been detected in the kingdom.

“Monkey-pox is another emerging public health concern in the world. Please continue your health precaution measures to prevent the possible transmission although no case of monkey-pox is found in Cambodia yet,” Health Ministry’s secretary of state and spokeswoman Or Vandine said in a news release. “People should be vigilant and alert, taking all precaution measures for your own health,” she said.

Vandine advised authorities at ports of entry to check all inbound passengers from countries where cases have been detected, and if any passengers are found to have itchy rashes and fever, a report to health authorities must be made. She also instructed all hospitals and health centers across the Southeast Asian country to closely monitor the situation and to report immediately if any suspected cases of monkey-pox are detected.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that available information suggests that human-to-human transmission is occurring among people in close physical contact with cases who are symptomatic. “People who closely interact with someone who is infectious are at greater risk for infection: this includes health workers.—APP

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