CAF to help maintain law, order in holding AJK polls

Our Correspondent

The Civil Armed Forces (CAF) consisting of the Frontier Constabulary, Punjab Constabulary and Rangers have started landing in Azad Jammu Kashmir including Mirpur for assisting the local law-enforcement institutions of the civil administration to maintain peace and order for the elections scheduled to be held on July 25.

Member Azad Jammu Kashmir Election Commissioner Farhat Ali Mir told APP that the services of the civil armed forces were acquired in entire Azad Jammu Kashmir for holding of the scheduled general elections to 53-seat of Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly in absolutely free, fair, transparent and peaceful manner.

To a question, Farhat Ali said that the Pak Army troops would not be directly posted at the polling stations during the polling.

“Rather their services would be acquired only in case of any eventuality, law and order situation at the polling stations to assist the civil armed forces local police in restoring and maintaining peace and order, he elaborated.

Farhat Ali underlined that the services of 4000 personnel from Frontier Constabulary (FC), 2000 from Pakistan Rangers, 19000 from Pakistan Army, 4000 from KP Police, 6000 from Punjab police, 1000 from Federal police and 4000 security individuals from Punjab Constabulary were being acquired to assist the local law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and order during the polls.

“Besides the local police force, the KP police, Punjab police and the Federal police will perform to maintain peace during entire election process”, Farhat Ali said adding that Pakistan Rangers troops will be deployed instantly at extremely sensitive polling stations.

“The Pakistan Army Troops will be at the ‘stand-by position’, to take care of any unwanted chaotic situation at the polling stations or at any other public place”, Mir concluded while referring to the security plan to maintain peace and order for holding of free, fair and transparent elections.

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