Burgeoning Balochistan & defence forces of Pakistan | By Sehrish Khan


Burgeoning Balochistan & defence forces of Pakistan

BALOCHISTAN is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area which the Allah Almighty has enriched with mineral wealth, but unfortunately, to date, these resources have not succeeded in embarrassing the dream of development of the region.

There are many reasons for this. People could not be provided with basic health, education, employment, and transportation.

Despite this, every government has tried its best to solve the basic problems of the people but no significant results have been achieved.

Every government tried its best to bring the youth into the national mainstream by providing them with higher education and employment facilities, but unfortunately, they did not succeed.

It will be wrong to put the whole responsibility for Balochistan’s backwardness on the governments in different periods, the main reason is the global players who are using every tactic to thwart the development of Balochistan, Gwadar Port and CPEC.

To accomplish the mission, they are running an organized campaign to make it a success. The clear proof of how law and order were destroyed inside Balochistan has been made clear by the confession of Kalbushan Yadav.

But despite the planning, aggressive intentions, and coordinated propaganda campaign against Pakistan by the enemy, work is underway on CPEC in Balochistan and Gwadar International Airport is also in the final stages of completion.

It will be operational in 2023. The defence forces of Pakistan have played their best role in the development and welfare of the youth of Balochistan.

This includes the establishment of cadet colleges and educational institutions and hospitals in Balochistan to provide modern education as well as treatment facilities to the people there.

According to a survey, 65% of Pakistan’s population is under 30 years of age and the real target of our enemy is youth, especially youth of our backward province of Balochistan who is being targeted by anti-national elements through nefarious propaganda.

In Government Boys High School Khuzdar and Qila Saifullah Degree College, Lasbela District, different scientific exhibitions, speech competitions, Naat and recitation competitions were held in which a large number of youths participated and their organization was fully appreciated.

The provision of basic health services along with education has been a long-standing problem in Balochistan.

Free medical camps were set up where 1279 patients. Apart from this, Al-Khidmat Foundation also took full part in this campaign.

The FC set up a 10-bed hospital in the cholera-hit area of Birkat and also distributed medicines worth Rs 800,000.

Even today, the Baloch youth have a loving and respectful relationship with the defence forces of Pakistan and they are fully aware of all the sacrifices made by them in the development of Balochistan.

Despite spending billions of rupees by the enemy annually on the campaign against Pakistan’s defence forces, this relationship of love and respect could not be diminished.

Recently, various ceremonies were held in different areas of Balochistan like Laura Lai, Lasbela and Gadani to show solidarity with the Pakistani forces.

The enemies of Pakistan should keep in mind that Pakistan will never compromise on its security and sovereignty and any adventure will be met with an immediate and blunt response.

We will always cherish the freedom and sovereignty of our dear compatriots. We are a responsible nuclear power and we want peace from all countries.

However, it should be made clear and let the enemy hear that we will answer promptly and decisively, as we have been responding.

The Allah Almighty blessed Pakistan with such defence forces that are always ready to defend their country and will not spare a moment to eliminate the anti-Pakistan elements from their roots.

The brave soldiers of Pakistan are always ready to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the motherland.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.


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