Budget is nothing but reduction in taxes: Chohan

Staff Reporter

Punjab Prisons Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan in his statement on the federal budget said that the government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan has presented an everlasting budget based on people-friendliness which has knocked out the opposition.

The opposition is not getting any opportunity to slander, accuse and criticize the budget at this time.

This is a tax-free budget that even the former finance minister was forced to accept. Elaborating further, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that sales tax has been reduced from 17 to 12 percent while import duty has also been reduced.

Withdrawals of more than Rs 50,000 from banks and holding on air ticketing have been abolished.

He said the current federal budget would provide at least 350 items including vehicles, including small vehicles, local cosmetics, footwear, groceries, mobile phones and books on cheaper rates.

The government’s announcement of interest-free loans to farmers for every crop and agricultural machinery has won the hearts of small farmers.

He said that no new tax was imposed on the salaried class with a ten per cent increase in salaries and pensions of government employees. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan further said that the current federal budget is nothing but reduction in taxes, increase in the purchasing power of the people and public welfare.

Inshallah, the Bazdar government will also present a similar people-friendly budget.


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