Budget 2020-21 to focus on strengthening sick economy



Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Leader Humayun Akhtar Khan Thursday said that the government was preparing ‘Survival Budget’ and trying to provide maximum relief to the people in the upcoming 2020-21 budget and to protect its sick economy.
Talking to PTV news channel, he said that the government would not impose any new taxes in the upcoming budget for the fiscal year 2020-21 to facilitate the industry and help check contraction of economy as all industries are already closed.
He said there is need for striking a balance between health and economic activities, adding, the government would protect the people from COVID-19’s effects and at the same time it had to save the country’s economy. The government is determined to announce a pro-people, pro-business and no-new-tax budget for the next fiscal year, he mentioned.
The government’s prime focus is on providing relief for people and businesses rather than tax generation till the disease comes under control, leader added.
The budget will most probably be an effort to counter the negative impact of coronavirus on the economy, he highlighted. He further appealed to the opposition parties not to indulge in political point scoring on the coronavirus as national unity and cohesion was needed to defeat the contagion.
He said we must all work together to keep the country as safe as possible from the coronavirus, adding, the Federal government under the leadership of Prime minister Imran Khan would leave no stone unturned against the disease. He warned that restrictions could be re-imposed if the public did not adopt self-discipline despite undergoing the painful experience previously.—APP