Buddhist monks, nuns of Malaysia, Indonesia, China visit Swat


The Buddhists monks and nuns of Malaysia, Indonesia and China has visited Ghandhara Civilization’s hub Swat district. The buddhist delegation visited Gandhara Trail, Swat Museum, Butkara III Site, Amluk Dara, Jehanabad Buddha, Ghaligy and Bazira archaeological sites.

They were briefed by officials of Directorate of Archaeology and Museums KP about these archaeological wonders. With this, the week long visit of the Buddhist monks and nuns concluded at Swat. Earlier, they visited the world heritage site of Takht-i-Bahi in Mardan district and were overwhelmed to see the well preserved earliest Buddhist establishment there.

The delegation visited different parts and sections including ancient Buddhist Monetary and Ruins of Takht Bhai (Ist CE) and took keen interest in the preserved establishment and ancient archaeo-religious sites. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) had declared Takht Bhai as world heritage site, attracting millions of domestic and foreign tourists, historians, Sikhs, archaeologists, architects and Buddhists pilgrims from across the world especially from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Turkey, Nepal, Bhutan, Korea and Japan due to their spiritual attachments with this ancient establishments.

KP is blessed with Approximately, 2000 religeo-heritage sites, 30,000 relics of Gandhara Civilization, UNESCO world heritage site of Takht Bhai, Sahr-I-Bahlol and Jamal Ghari in Mardan district.

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