Book focusing on humanity launched


Action for impact has launched “Words of Wisdom”, a motivational poetic blog book focusing on humanity and women empowerment.

The book was a new addition to Pakistan’s literature, which educates all audiences to recognize self-worth and morality as the country was facing political, social, economic, and societal crises, thus requiring education on actualization of individual potential, a news release said. The poem ‘Power in you’ speaks of utilizing hidden talent to build a constructive nation. The poemPassionate inspires achievement of deepest passions. Further, The Mission of life addresses acceptance of diversity and collectivism. The writer says that one step, one word, one simple action and one act of kindness can change the lives of people. The poems Displaced and “I am woman and I am powerful” highlight the resilience of Pakistan’s women. The book carries over 40 blogs showcasing the writer’s thoughts over the past decade.

The book is written by the CEO of Action for Impact ZartashaNiazi. She believes in the power of words and emotions. In this book, poems address pain, death, life diversity and passion. All Pakistanis need these lessons for self and societal improvement. Action for Impact (Impact Digital Solutions) is a social enterprise and consulting firm providing communications and IT services.The company is fully registered with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Companies Act 2017). Action for Impact is an innovative platform that brings together striking initiatives which impacts lives across Pakistan.