Boat school sets up for education of fishermen’s kids

Our Correspondent

Literacy Education Department Punjab has established first ever of its kind ‘Boat school’ at Head Taunsa barrage Indus river for the education of fishermen’s kids.

The step was taken to enhance the literacy rate where free books and education was being imparted to the kids of fishermen.

A teacher was also deputed at the boat school while two hours class for the kids of fishermen having 16 to 24 years old was being given daily. Baba Khairo, Allah Buksh, Kalu Khan thanked the Punjab government for establishing boat school.

They said that it was difficult for them to get their kids educated due to financial issues and expressed happiness regarding step taken by the government for the education of their children.

The young fishermen Lal Khan, Arshad, Qalandar and others said that they had started to learn basic things and demanded of the government to provide a big boat for school so that they could easily sit and took classes.

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