Indian annexation in IIOJK clearly violates UNSC resolutions

Staff Reporter

Former Ambassador of Pakistan, Manzoorul Haq here Friday said unlawful annexation of Indian Illegally Occupied Jummu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K) by India was a clear violation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSC) as well as International laws. “Such unilateral actions could not change disputed status of the held valley.” he said.

“IIOJ&K is an internationally recognized disputed territory and its illegal annexation by Indian Government on August 5, 2019 is a clear violation of the UNSC resolutions besides putting peace of entire South Asia at stake,” Ambassador Manzoor who served Pakistan’s top diplomat at Saudia Arabia and Egypt told media.

He said any unilateral step or action by Indian government cannot change its disputed status, as enshrined in UNSC resolutions.

Ambassador Manzoor said revoking of Article 370 by the fascist Modi Government on August 5, 2019 was tantamount to changing the demographic structure as well as status of IIOJ&K and Pakistan can’t remain silent over such illegal acts any more.

The unilateral and illegal act had exposed real face of the so-called secular state and has proved that there was no room for minorities in India where Muslims and Kashmiris are being subjected to serious human rights’ abuses, extra judicial killings and state terrorism.

The scrapping of Article 370 from Indian constitution had exposed India’s nefarious designs against oppressed Kashmiris as well as Modi government’s hegemonic expansion policies through subjugation of minorities through state terrorism.

“India could neither change the disputed status of IIOJ&K, as enshrined in UNSC resolutions, nor could it force Pakistan and Kashmiris to accept illegal outcomes. Time is near when Kashmiris would get freedom from Indian yoke.”

The illegal move to abolish Article 35-A had left India’s so-called democratic face exposed before the world, he said, adding Kashmiris leadership does not agree with India’s unlawful and unilateral act.

“Four wars had been fought between two nuclear armed neighboring countries on Kashmir and another war could prove disastrous for the entire South Asia and its devastative effects may go beyond this region.

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