BNU collaborates with International research organization

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The Unboxed Lab is a unique research consortium founded by academics from Beacon House National University that creates, promotes, and highlights a discourse on the interstices between architecture, communication, textiles, fashion, art, and design.

This collaborative venture between Razia Hassan School of Architecture (RHSA) and Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design (MDSVAD) with kind support from Dean RHSA, Dr Gulzar Haider & Dean MDSAVD, Rashid Rana, has been conceived by Zain Adil of RHSA along with Aarish Sardar and Rohma Khan from MDSVAD.

The Unboxed Lab launched its first-ever event in collaboration with the prestigious International research organization, Architecture, Media, Politics, and Society (AMPS) and a famous publishing house, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

The conference held from 21st-23rd of April titled: Online education: Teaching in a time of Change brought together diverse perspectives of academics on virtual pedagogy from 29 countries across the globe.

The conference received 201 abstracts, out of which 104 were selected for presentation and published by January 2022.

The presentations were centered around key themes of Teaching Practice, Theories of Learning, Educational Technologies, Exploring Pedagogical Initiatives, Education and Workplaces, Educational Psychology and Learning spaces amidst a global pandemic.

The team at The Unboxed Lab chaired several sessions at the conference that ranged from art and archives to service and space design, using explorative synchronous approaches layered with textual and visual ways of knowledge dissemination using ever-evolving digital/immersive technology.

Along with The Unboxed Lab at Beaconhouse National University, the conference was organized by the University of Kassel, Ball State University, and the University of Pretoria in coordination with AMPS.
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