BJP govt bulldozes 17 more Muslims’ properties in Gujarat


As many as 17 godowns belonging to Muslims were bulldozed by Hindutva Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Gujarat state.

This was the second demolition drive carried out by the BJP government in less than two weeks in Khambhat town of the state.

The Hindutva administrations led by Hindutva BJP have been targeting Muslims after communal tensions broke out over anti-Muslim chants during Ram Navami processions in Gujarat and some other states.

Forty-year-old Sayid is one of the Muslims whose warehouses were reduced to rubble on 28th April in Gujarat said that he had suffered losses amounting to Rs 9 lakh. “I am on the streets, I have lost everything,” Sayid was quoted by an Indian news agency Scroll as saying.

Processions led by Hindu extremist groups’ sparked violence on 10th April in Gujarat’s Khamb-hat. Five days after the incident, Hindutva BJP ad-ministration razed several shops belonging to Mus-lims in the area.

Scores of Muslims have also been arrested after 10the April in Khambhat. Many of them are the ones whose shops and other belongings have been bulldozed by the BJP government authorities.—INP