France says record 16m birds culled in flu out-break


A record 16 million chickens, ducks and other poul-try have been culled in France since November in one of the most severe bird flu outbreaks in years, the agriculture ministry said. The country has been hit by several epidemics since 2015 but they have mainly been contained to the southwest, where ducks are bred for the lucrative foie gras liver pate industry.

But this winter, for the first time, wild birds mi-grating back from the south contaminated farmed poultry, sparking a second wave of infections only now coming to an end.

Nearly 1,400 sites have reported cases, including at least 850 in the Vendee, considered strategic by the ministry because it is home to many farms that raise chickens and other birds exclusively for breeding. However the outbreak peaked at the end of March and the disease’s spread is slowing, the ministry said.—AFP