Billionaire DG


Look at how our country’s system encourages corrupt and corrupt practices. The example of Liaquat Qaimkhani, ex-Director General, Parks & Horticulture, Karachi Municipal Corporation is one such example. Reportedly, this man retired from the post of DG, Parks after serving on the same post for almost 20 years. It is also being reported that Mr. Qaimkhani remained political advisor of the current Mayor of Karachi as well.
It is being aired on TV channels that through corrupt practices, he accumulated lot of wealth and also made assets worth billions of rupees including 4000 square yards palace-type bungalow, 8 luxury imported vehicles including Landcruiser and Mercedes, lot of jewellery and diamonds, expensive plots’ files and prize bonds worth millions of rupees.
Unfortunately, it is the fault of our country’s system that allows a person to reach at the post of Director General and indulge in massive corruption. Worst is that our system honour such persons with ‘Sitara-i-Imtiaz’ as well. Our country would always remain at the mercy of such corrupt elements if the system would remain unaccountable and unresponsive. Need of the hour is to bring all those elements to book who are becoming cancer for our society instead of being productive members of the same through honesty, hard-work and love for the country. May Almighty Allah protect this country from corrupt elements and their corrupt practices.

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