Bilawal Bhutto accuses Imran of ‘undermining parliament’ Extends support to Fazl, but won’t join sit-in


Staff Reporter


PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Friday accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of “undermining the parliament”, saying that opposition had no choice but to take to the streets.
“If you do not make the parliament functional, democratic forces will be forced to take to the streets,” he said in conversation with reporters in Islamabad.
Bilawal, who was speaking after an accountability court extended his father Asif Ali Zardari’s judicial remand, said the former president had in the past remained in jail for 11 years without a conviction but had “never compromised on his principles”.
“No matter how many of our party leaders they arrest, we will not compromise on the 1973 Constitution or the 18th Amendment,” Bilawal declared. The lawmaker said that the “tabdeeli sarkar” (regime of change) had failed.
“Imran Khan promised justice but he arrested his political opponents as well as the women of their families without any conviction or trial,” he said, adding that the incumbent government had ruined the economy and increased unemployment.
Bilawal said the business community was so “fed up” with the government that they went to the army chief. “Insha Allah (God willing) their problems will be solved, but this is a very bad precedent that the people are approaching general headquarters instead of the parliament,” he said.

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