Bid to smuggle drugs worth Rs40 millions foiled


A bid to smuggle four-kilogram ‘white ice’ worth Rs40 million has been foiled by security officials at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on Tuesday.The security officials at Karachi airport discovered four-kilogram ‘white ice’ from a parcel booked for Bahrain. The drug was packed in dry fruit tins and booked for Bahrain by a man named Mirza AsadBaig. According to officials, the ‘white ice’ worth more than Rs40 million in the international market.In separate actions, smuggled items have been recovered from the luggage of passengers travelling from a foreign country. The items include mobile phone, gold, wine, garments and illegal electronic products which worth more than Rs10 million. A case has been registered against two passengers after being arrested over charges of smuggling prohibited items.

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