BIBF launches book series for Islamic finance practitioners

What is Islamic Banking and how is it related to tenets of Islam?


The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), the leading Islamic finance training provider globally, has launched a series of books in the field of Islamic finance to serve as a manual for industry practitioners and facilitate the Islamic finance industry on a local and global scale.

The publications target the global Islamic finance industry, within a comprehensive range from the point of view of experts and practitioners in the sector, as they provide an overview of Islamic financial products, and details of financial operations within the recognised foundations, rules and concepts of Islamic finance.

Head of the Islamic Finance Centre at the BIBF, Mr. Mujtaba Khalid, said “There are many great academic books on Islamic banking available in different parts of the world but a comprehensive set of publications from a practitioner’s perspective isn’t there. Keeping this in view, the BIBF Islamic Finance Center is launching a series of original publications. This is the first time a series of books are specifically aimed at Islamic finance practitioners.”

The series includes seven books covering various areas of Islamic finance, including Islamic Banking Operations, Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence, Islamic Banking Treasury and Capital Markets, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Islamic Financial Institutions, Auditing, Ethics and Corporate Governance, Takaful, Business Banking and Trust Law.—Zawya News