Better legislation guarantees better future: Afridi

Staff Reporter

Senate Deputy Chairman Mirza Afridi has said that opposition checkmated in Senate Chairman and Deputy Chairman election.

Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Afridi while talking to media said that I am thankful to Allah Almighty and also very grateful to Imran Khan who nominated me for the Senate Deputy Chairman slot.

Mirza Afridi said that it was an honor for him that X-FATA won the post after the merger.

Our tribal’s are deprived, as the Prime Minister has given funds, they have to be utilized, he added.

He said that a complete program and committee has been formed regarding funds. The committee will also hold a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Talking about the Senate election, he said that the opposition was going to be defeated, the colleagues had faith in me and Sadiq Sanjrani.

We have spent three years. We don t like people who were involved in corruption, said Afridi.

He said that I am in the upper house, I will make efforts to legislate laws to benefit people, because the better the legislation, the better our future will be, he added.

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