Best Sehri & Iftar deals in Karachi 2023


Sehri and Iftar feasts are part of Ramadan’s traditions as family and friends share the main meals and if you are looking to have some quality time at local restaurants, this article is all about the best eateries in the port city.

In the month of spiritual reflection, people are looking for the best Sehri and Iftar deals. Here’s a list of restaurants offering the best deals in Karachi where you can appease your day-long hunger and thirst.


Kababjees is known for mouthwatering feasts as it offers great quality food and a lovely atmosphere. The eatery offers a variety of Ramadan-themed meals to complete the experience. Special platters are available along with main course dishes to delight the guests.

Cafe Aylanto

Located in Clifton, Café Aylanto offers a wide range of meals, especially an Iftar buffet. The eatery offered a menu of local, continental, and Chinese, and is a go-to place, if you are looking for a perfect evening with family and friends.

Lal Qila

The famous restaurant presented esthetical essence. With courtesy of the Mughlai era, it offers authentic Mughlai, Tandori, Live Bar-B-Que, and Traditional delights.


Located in famous locality of Karsaz, Karachi, the restaurant offers the perfect ambiance and magnificent Iftar dinner. A wide range of food including BBQ, Pakistani, Chinese, Seafood, Indian, and Desserts are available to appease you.

Chaupal’s signature iftar buffet is among the most sought out by Karachiites who are real foodies.

Big Tree House

Located in Defence V, Big Tree House offers a premium taste that yearns to satisfy people, especially in Holy Month of Ramadan. Offering a cool ambiance and yummy food to spend valuable time with your family.

They excelled in traditional Pakistani food items that can be enjoyed at the nominal price range.


If you are looking for authentic Chinese eateries, Cocochan should be your first pick as they offer several signature dishes. Known for offering the finest Sushi in the city, several Chinese, Thai, and sushi dishes are must-try.  It also offers premium seating arrangements.