Benazir a brave sane soul, not her people | By Nighat Leghari


Benazir a brave sane soul, not her people

I always disliked politics and politicians because all their deeds and activities are beneath the dignity and supremacy of mankind.

In the history of politicians not a single soul proved himself a genuine and interest free helper to its voters.

Factually the political mafia has its own principles of practice and preach.Politics and morality have really been in tandem, associated or commitment.

Our politicians have no charter to spell out their duties or obligations. The politicians maintain that if the politics do not accompany power they are helpless to perform their obligations for the public.

The standpoint of politics in our country is totally different and not based on the righteousness of the politicians.

Anyhow Benazir herself writes in her book “Daughter of The East” that she did not want to pick up her father’s political mental, she says “I did not choose this life it chose me”.

The assassination of my father and my imprisonment provided me with no exception of joining politics.

The political analysts also are of the opinion that Benazir had not a political mind or attitude.

In my view she loved a thrilling carefree life. We observe through her life history that she was a sane minded loving soul.

She was an obedient daughter, loving sibling and loyal wife. She knew every activity of her spouse who brought irreparable losses to her family and political career.

In whole of her married life she proved herself a conventional and conservator wife who does not bring any word of complaint against her husband on the lip.

I met her through her book which generated a high level respect and love in me for her.

An author Francis Bacon says that some books are to be tasted others to be swallowed and some to be chewed.

I really chewed her book some of its extracts are so powerful and depiction of agony and anguish is on such a level that the readers can be burst into tears.

A few other extracts reveal that she went through such a self-discovery and spiritual elevation which cannot be believed that a woman who passed a luxurious and carefree life how could she tolerant all those happenings.

It gave me forbearances to face the oddest moments of my personal life. Now I depict a short extract of accounts of that ordeal which she went through, she states, I lived on in starvation and clothing unchanged while in prison in Adiala Jail.

I had no sweater and blanket because I was picked up from my home wearing merely a shalwar kameez and was not allowed to take any item from my home.

Now she opens the last scene of the execution of her father in her book. It is an early morning of April 4; my father was taking to the gallows for death.

I stood in a gaze not believing what was going on. I was standing nimbly in front of junior jailor who was holding a small bundle of items left over of my father.

I hugged the bundle to me, I felt myself completely empty of life. The scream burst through the knots of my throat, No, No, I cannot breathe, I don’t want to breath.

For days in Adiala Jail after the death of my father I could not eat or drink. I sat on the ground as if someone has imputed my legs from my body.

But after a few minutes I got up and in sort of soliloquy I said, NO I should control myself I should not breakdown before the jailors standing around me.

Bravo Benazir, you have a super stamina, forbearance and resistance.

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.