Behrain Interior Minister stresses importance of protection of national unity


Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa has responded to the act of some societies’ representatives. They interacted and discussed internal affairs of Bahrain with a foreign body by highlighting allegations and categorical and biased complaints that represent their personal views rather than the views of the people of Bah-rain, he said.

He said that the acts directly harm civil peace and open an opportunity for foreign bodies to inter-fere in Bahrain’s internal affairs. He stressed that all segments of society reject such an approach.

The representatives ignored the official organi-sations that regulate the operations of societies within a correct legal framework. Instead, they bring back the memory of the unfortunate incidents in Bahrain 11 years ago, he highlighted.

Interior Minister said that the rejected by all in-cidents that mainly took place because of the inter-ference in the internal affairs of Bahrain and interac-tion between outlawed individuals and foreign bod-ies led to losses of lives and property.

“Those individuals could have better follow le-gal procedures that govern the operations of socie-ties, feel proud of the achievements of Bahrain in modern history in various fields and compare the accomplishments with the development of other countries, he said. He noted what happened was against national unity and could have been avoided to protect the national development and civil peace requirements. HE Interior Minister said that societies should be aware of their responsibilities and the rules that govern their operations.

He concluded that the Kingdom of Bahrain is the state of law and organisations and won’t allow interference in its internal affairs.—PR


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