Balochistan’s problems require permanent solutions: Defence Minister

Balochistan problems

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Defense Khawaja Asif on Wednesday said the problems faced by the people of Balochistan require permanent solutions, adding that political leadership should take the initiative in this regard.

Responding to the points of Akhtar Mengal of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) in the National Assembly, Khwaja Asif said: “We are one nation and cannot stay indifferent to the problems of any federating unit.”

He added that the points raised by Akhtar Mengal regarding the Balochistan situation were genuine and that there was a dire need to heal the wounds of the people of the province. The problems of Balochistan could be addressed by sitting together with the leaders and people of Balochistan, he added.

Southern Balochistan issue and recommendations | By Dr Nadeem Jan

The Defense Minister also voiced concerns over the security situation in Swat and other areas, warning this could also spread to other areas. He said that responsibility rested with all the institutions to find a solution to the threats faced by the state. He was appreciative of the people of Swat for standing up against the terrorist elements.

Balochistan National Party’s Akhtar Mengal highlighted the issue being faced by the people of Balochistan. He asked the federal and provincial governments to provide security to the people of the province.

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